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Colorado Wednesday - Turek and Walker will rotate, Addressing the Penalty issue

USC needs to clean up the penalties

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

As was noted yesterday, Lane Kiffin opened up the competition at the left tackle spot. But based on this quick note in the OCR it looks like both Max Tuerk and Aundrey Walker will play against Colorado.

Coach Lane Kiffin has not decided on a starter at left tackle but said both Aundrey Walker and Max Tuerk would play against Colorado.

Probably not a big deal, but not having a starter could mean that the competition at the spot is not progressing as Kiffin might like.

I hate that at this point in the season that we are still trying to figure this out.

That aside, Tuerk wants it BAD..

USC freshman Max Tuerk is getting another chance to overtake Aundrey Walker at left tackle – after subbing as a tight end last week.

With co-starter Randall Telfer out because of injury, the coaches tapped Tuerk to man the No. 2 tight end spot at Washington. USC has other tight ends on the roster, but the staff had more faith in the Santa Margarita High graduate.


Tuerk is back at tackle this week, where he shared snaps with Walker against Cal on Sept. 22. Walker struggled at times against the Huskies, leading Kiffin to reopen the competition at that spot. How can Tuerk win the job?

"Just work my butt off," he said. "Compete every day, because competing makes everybody better."

Go Get 'Em Tiger!

- - -

Maybe the Pac-12 should have a penalty box...

There are 120 teams in the top division of the NCAA, commonly known as the FBS.

Out of those 120, the USC Trojans rank 112th in third-down efficiency, and precisely 120th -- as in last -- in penalties per game, meaning they've earned more flags than any other team in the country through six contests.

They're converting just over 30 percent of their third downs and committing 10 penalties a game. Outside of lowly Eastern Michigan, no FBS team has been converting at a rate worse than 27 percent, and there are 17 teams operating at 50 percent or better.

Tin. Foil. Hat. Time.

I am convinced that the Pac-12 still calls anything they can on USC. Sure the refs may try to "equal" it out but it is clear USC gets penalties called against them that are not always called against their opponents.

Regardless, the stupid penalties have to stop.

- - -

On another topic...

We have all seen how the USC defense has been the lynchpin of the of season so far.

Dion Bailey has been everything we wanted to see.

Bailey, a redshirt sophomore from Lakewood, came to USC as a safety. He then switched to outside linebacker during the spring of his freshman year. He tied for the team lead in tackles last season and leads the Trojans in interceptions this year with four, which is the most for any linebacker in the country.

Hard to argue that Bailey has been the leader on defense.

It has been great to watch the defense operate this season.

- - -


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