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Latest USC pledge Tilini Livai speaks on his commitment

The offensive guard out of Narbonne High School tells Conquest Chronicles why he picked the USC Trojans.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2019 three-star offensive guard Tilini Livai committed to Clay Helton and the USC Trojans hours after he received his offer Sunday evening. We spoke with the future Trojan about his recruiting process and what he wants the Trojan Family to know about him when he signs his letter of intent.

DC: Being from Southern California was USC the childhood favorite? Or did you root for another team growing up?

Livai: I’m originally from Hawaii, I just moved here at the beginning of April. I moved here to get more exposure for football. But growing up, I really liked the University of Utah because that’s where my dad went to college and he just passed away couple months ago.

DC: You have offers from Hawaii, Iowa State, and New Mexico State, what stood out to you the most about the USC Trojans?

Livai: The thing that stood out to me personally, was the history behind the players that they put into the NFL and their academics are just great! Not going to lie. Plus, since I moved here from Hawaii, California is basically like my second home. The coaching staff really treats me well.

DC: Recruiting is a journey for families as well as their recruits, what was the reaction from yours when USC made the offer?

Livai: To be honest with you, I didn’t really know what to do or say! All I could do was just smile, but in my head I was jumping around all happy. My family wanted me to go to the University of Utah because that’s where my dad went, but I decided to go with my own path, start my own legacy. My family understood that and respected it. So I love them for that!

DC: What is one thing you want the Trojan Family to know about you?

Livai: The only thing I have to say is that you won’t regret having me there playing for you guys and being in your classrooms. Another thing, I hope you guys understand the background of where I come from and how hard I worked for this! Thanks!