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USC Football: Strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis reportedly joining the Seattle Seahawks

The USC Trojans may soon see another coaching change that fans have been waiting for.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

After Lynn Swann and Clay Helton retained five year strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis, USC Trojans fans lamented. Though after reports, it seems that a certain former Trojan head coach is once again swooping in to save the day.

First reported by Adam Maya of, Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks are reportedly looking to hire USC strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis. The Seahawks recently parted ways with Chris Carlise, who had also been on staff with Carroll at USC from 2001-2009.

While a coach leaving to the NFL is usually a downer for college teams, Trojan fans will rejoice at the departure of Lewis. After a season wrought with injury that decimated USC’s defensive corps, many began to wonder what USC’s strength and conditioning program was doing to set players up for a healthy playing career.

It is no secret that the USC football team has had dire injury setbacks the past few years, and many have noticed that the team, when going up against SEC or Big 10 opponents, have seemed out matched in the physicality department.

Of course football is one of the most physically demanding sports and will take a tole on a body no matter how fit one is, so Lewis is not completely at fault for USC’s lack of healthy players. Though it is the duty of a strength and conditioning coach to set players up for performance success on the field and to be able to return heathy to the locker room, something that USC has struggled with in recent years.

Cleary there needed to be a change to the program and beloved former USC head coach Carroll is once again making sure the Trojans will be set up for success. Whether or not USC will capitalize on Lewis’ departure and bring in an elite coach with a better strength program, is still to be determined.