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AP Top 25 Rankings for Week 5

Even after USC’s win against undefeated Washington State, the USC Trojans stay un-ranked in the Associated Press Polls.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With one third of the college football season gone, the AP Poll has had their share of changes as upsets have been happening all over the nation.

The USC Trojans started the season ranked No. 15. Many fans in the preseason even predicted a College Football Playoff berth for the ever so hopeful Trojans. But after two early season losses, the Trojans continued to fall and eventually fell out of the polls. After a close win against the Washington State Cougars, the Trojans hoped to jump back into the AP Polls. Unfortunately, to the chagrin of Trojan fans, The Associated Press released their week five poll without listing the Trojans among their Top 25 teams. As a matter of fact, the Trojans did not even receive a single vote.

A shake up was excepted in the polls as seven ranked teams lost this past weekend. The AP Poll was especially not kind to several teams, including No. 13 Virginia Tech and No. 15 Oklahoma State, dropping them from the rankings. Still, The AP Poll has been consistent with the top ten teams; which contain all undefeated teams except No. 10 Auburn. Furthermore, the AP Poll has kept the same top four teams for the entire season, and with no surprise, Alabama has yet to see a number greater than one next to their name. Also, un-ranked teams like California and Kentucky (first time since 2007), have clawed their way into the polls.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC and BIG 10 continue to be the best in the nation, with 11 ranked teams coming from both conferences. Some Pac-12 fans may wonder why the AP is not giving their teams the respect that they deserve; only four out of the 12 teams are ranked. Including, No. 7 Stanford, who is currently the only Pac-12 team ranked within the top ten.

The Trojans, who are now into Pac-12 play, hope to repeat their success from the 2016 season, and win out the rest of their games. By doing so, the Trojans hope to start climbing up in the AP Polls. There is not much time to change up their game plan however, as after next week’s bye week, the Trojans have a string of seven consecutive games. USC, which looks to finish strong, end their regular season against No. 8 Notre Dame, which could a very decisive game for the College Football Playoff Committee. All in all, the Trojans hope to impress the AP Poll voters, as they look to establish themselves as a powerhouse team.