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USC Moms Corner: The Rodriguezes

Angela Rodriguez can’t wait to watch her son Jason play for the cardinal and gold. We talk family, football, and recruiting.

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Jason Rodriguez is a four-star offensive tackle committed to the USC Trojans’ class of 2019. Hailing from Hesperia, CA the Rodriguez family won’t have far to travel to see their son play college football. I spoke with Jason’s mother Angela about what it was like receiving an offer from the in-state powerhouse and what family life is like for the new Trojan Family members.

The class of 2018 has only just begun their journey as Trojan football players, but it won’t be long before the 2019 class have their own move-in day and gear fittings.

With that comes a whole new slew of star studded talent and rising high school seniors and their families excited to get their own Saturday experience underway.

In a new series titled the, “USC Moms Corner” (thank you Shan McClain for the name suggestion!), we speak with Trojan football mothers about their athletes and what the recruitment process is really like for families.

Jason Rodriguez committed to play football for USC back in April after receiving an offer from the Trojans only two months prior.

The 6-foot-6, 326 pound tackle certainly already looks like he is ready to suit up for Clay Helton & Co. and he has the numbers to back it up.

Rodriguez is currently the No. 15 offensive tackle in the nation per 247Sports and can bench a monster 315 pounds, squat 465 pounds, and deadlift 470 pounds.

To put it simply, if he were in the class of 2018 he would be giving Trojan linebacker Porter Gustin a run for his money in the weight room.

Watching Rodriguez, it is not hard to see the talent that USC coaches have seen or the sky high potential a recruit of his strength and size has.

The Trojan faithful can’t wait to watch Rodriguez dominate the line come next season and someone who is most excited to see the 2019 commit play college ball in the Coliseum, is his mother Angela Rodriguez.

When did you first know Jason had a shot at playing Division 1 college football?

“Being that my family loves football, I always knew my son would love to play. Then once we realized he was going to be taller and heavier than most, it really started to become a possibility. About mid-year his sophomore year, he started really dominating his opponents on the line, that’s when I knew he could do it.”

Being from Southern California was USC always the household favorite?

“As far as USC being a favorite, we really didn’t expect his recruitment to hit that level initially, even when Coach Helton offered Jason, we were in shock! We went to a junior day visit, with about 60 or 70 other kids. Jason was taking pictures on the field, and he was told Coach Helton wanted to see him, we went to Helton’s office and he was honest and straight forward with Jason with his offer! I felt like I won the lottery! He is just so blessed to have the opportunity to play for the top school in the Pac-12. We knew he would get some offers, but getting the best school to offer was amazing.”

What is something that stood out to you from a mother’s perspective about how USC handled your son’s recruitment?

“What stood out to me about USC is the same beliefs about faith and family values I have, they feel the same. No matter what they are always there for their students. Even if they fall they are there to help them get through it all. Once a Trojan...always a Trojan. Family is everything no matter what, even if we agree or disagree. For Helton to invite us to his own home during the official visit really showed he cares about the family aspect. Plus the family dinners during season are special.”

What is something you and Jason like to do together? Any hobbies?

“Jason and I love to cook together, he likes to show me new ways of cooking. He’s pretty good at it too!”

What is some advice you would give to fellow moms of recruited athletes? Is there anything you would suggest they avoid or suggest they do?

“First, do a lot of research on the school they are interested in. Do they offer the academics the child is interested in? It’s very important. Also, be smart about the social media, show integrity and character at all times. And if the recruiting gets crazy via text or IM, just put the phone down and relax, sometimes kids just need to be kids, and not stress over coaches hounding them non-stop.”

Special thanks to the Rodriguez family for the interview! Fight On!