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USC Football: Kliff Kingsbury interview on the Dan Patrick Show

On Monday, USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury was interviewed on the Dan Patrick Show, discussing why he came to USC and just how close he was to going to the NFL.

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

We haven’t heard much from Kliff Kingsbury since joining head coach Clay Helton’s USC coaching staff, but on Monday morning the new Trojans offensive coordinator made a media appearance on the Dan Patrick show.

Kingsbury was one of the most sought after coaches in both college football and the NFL. When asked why he took the USC job, Kingsbury mentioned the tradition and storied history, as well as how Helton treats his staff and the players and the talent as one of his reasons for coming to Southern California.

“They’re a 5-7 team and I think the sky is the limit.” Said Kingsbury. “With talent like that, Sometimes when you have a season like that you can refocus and use it as motivation.”

He also said that he felt like it was the perfect storm for him to come to USC and help turn the offense around from their abysmal 2018 performance. With the talent the Trojans have on offense combined with the offensive mind of Kingsbury, the sky is indeed the limit.

Back in late November L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay wanted to bring in Kingsbury as an offensive analyst and even offered him the job. Kingsbury mentioned that he was close to joining the Rams coaching staff, but opted to stay in the college ranks saying that joining USC was the, “right place at the right time.”

Despite taking the USC offensive coordinating job, reports have surfaced that NFL teams were still in pursuit of him. Kingsbury mentioned how he’s fascinated with the NFL using college type schemes into their offenses and coaching there is something to consider down the line, but also mentioned how USC was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“The opportunity was just too great to pass up .” Said Kingsbury “With the talent we have here and a great city to live in and work, So I was happy to join Coach Helton.”

Kingsbury appears to be very happy to join the Trojans and is focused on getting the job done at USC.