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Memorable USC/Arizona State Games

USC has had some historic clashes with the ASU Sun Devils through the years. We look back at some of the best.

USC Trojans v Arizona State Sun Devils Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images

It’s something about Arizona State and USC that tends to provide historic moments and games that we tend to never forget whether its good or bad. The Trojans and Sun Devils have had 33 meetings against each other with USC winning 21 of them. We cut down some of those games to share some memorable games through the series.

University of Southern California vs Arizona State October 4, 2003 Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

2003: The Matt Leinart Game

The game that started the 34 game winning streak. A week after being upset by Cal, the Trojans looked to rebound on the road against Arizona State. This would also be the game where many would learn about Matt Leinart’s toughness. During the second quarter of the game Leinart would go down with a knee injury in which many believed he would be done for the day. With the Trojans down 17-10 in the third quarter, Leinart entered the game and managed to lead USC down the field to tie the game up. From there USC would go on a 20-0 run to route the Sun Devils 37-17. Leinart would go 12-23 for 287 yards. From there USC would go on to make 3 national championship appearances, win 2 national titles, and go on win 34 consecutive games. As for Leinart? The next season he would win the Heisman trophy.

USC Trojans v Arizona State Sun Devils Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images

2005: Thunder and Lightning leads the Comeback

In 2005 USC came in as the No. 1 team in the nation, defending BCS national champions, and riding a 25 game winning streak. ESPN College Gameday was also in attendance for a high noon meeting with the No. 15 Arizona State Sun Devils led by quarterback Sam Keller. What could go wrong? Arizona State’s Terry Richardson returned a punt for an 84 yard score to open up scoring. From there the Sun Devils would score two more touchdowns in the second quarter and went into halftime with a huge 21-3 lead. USC running backs LenDale White and Reggie Bush would come out with a huge 2nd half performance to power a Trojans comeback. White would start things off with a 32 yard rushing touchdown to give the Trojans their first touchdown of the game. The next USC drive Reggie Bush broke off a 24 yard rush to cut the deficit to 4 points. In the fourth quarter Reggie Bush hit the end zone again to put the Trojans up for good while LenDale White sealed the deal with a 46 yard rushing touchdown late in the 4th quarter. USC would go on to win the game 38-28 and extend their winning streak to 26 games. White rushed for 197 yards while Bush rushed for 158 in the Trojans comeback victory over ASU.

Arizona State v USC Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

2014: Jael Mary Game

If you want a definition of past few years in the USC football era then look no further than the 2014 USC/Arizona State game. After already suffering a loss two weeks earlier to Boston College, USC was looking to push forward welcoming the Sun Devils into the Coliseum. In a back and forth game USC would take control of the game in the 4th quarter leading by as many as two scores. In the final three minutes of the game USC would give up a 73 yard pass to ASU running back Cameron Smith to cut the Trojans lead to two. The following drive USC would go 3 and out to give Arizona State the ball back with 28 seconds left. ASU quarterback Mike Burcovici would complete a 26 yard pass to bring the Sun Devils closer to striking distance. With 7 seconds left in the game on 2nd down, Arizona State only had one more play. Burcovici throw a 46 yard hail mary in hopes to win. It appeared that USC linebacker Hayes Pullard would pick off the pass, however Arizona State wide receiver Jaelen Strong would jump infront of Pullard uncovered to receive the pass and score to give the Sun Devils a shocking 38-34 win over USC in the Coliseum.