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After a 41-28 loss to Utah, What’s next for USC?

Following Saturday’s 41-28 loss to Utah, where do the Trojans go from here?

NCAA Football: Southern California at Utah Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night USC had a forgettable night in Salt Lake City as they were defeated by Utah 41-28. The fact that the Trojans lost wasn’t the biggest issue, but how they lost. Mid way through the season USC sits with a 4-3 record and haven’t show real signs of improvement. The Trojans also had a bye week to fix their problems and do some self scouting, but many are wondering if any type of adjustments were made.

Saturday night the Trojans gave up 34 straight points after taking a 14-0 lead over the Utes in the first quarter. Very similar to their game a month ago in Austin. The game just summed up most of its season right there. USC was out played and out coached once again in a big game. First it was the lack of focus and intensity at practice which was addressed following the Texas game, then it was the coaching staff doing some self-evaluation during the bye week, failing to capitalize with 2 score leads and putting put teams away, offensive issues, Just a long list of issues.

With a 4-3 record, sitting in second in the Pac-12 south, and getting embarrassed in another big game on the road, where does USC go from here? Despite the loss USC still has a shot at the Pac-12 south, however they would need Utah to lose another game and to win their remaining Pac-12 games. With the way the Trojans look, it’s far from a for sure thing. Many are calling for changes and at this rate some are needed, but what are those changes?

NCAA Football: Southern California at Utah
Could we see some staff changes at the end of the season?
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Trojans won’t make any coaching changes in the middle of the season and it’s unlikely that Clay Helton will be out of a job unless USC just hits a total free fall. Maybe the way they practice could change or taking away play calling duties from offensive coordinator Tee Martin. The offense has shown that they lack an identity and that dates back to last season when they had Sam Darnold. Maybe at the end of the season Clay Helton changes up his staff. As loyal as Helton is, it’s about winning and at this rate a few staff changes could possibly save his job moving forward.

Maybe USC suddenly turns it around and some how reaches the Pac-12 Championship game. Maybe they actually win the conference and make it to the Rose Bowl Game. It may seem far fetched, but it’s also a possibility.

Where does USC go from here? What’s next? They return to the Coliseum for an afternoon meeting with the Arizona State Sun Devils. We will find out what the Trojans will do moving forward.