Happy Birthday Su'a Cravens!!!


Happy Birthday Su'a Cravens! Have a great day and FIGHT ON!!

The Kettlebell Revolution?


I'm not sure this is what the Bruins had in mind with their revolution

Coming to theatres Summer 2018


Its ok Chris Hemsworth, Puffy has it from here.

Ronnie Lott shows us some love


We love it when the USC legends show us some love. You can, and should follow Ronnie Lott on twitter. Fight on!

Tough Schedule


According to Phil Steele USC will have the 2nd most difficult schedule in the nation.

500 Draft Picks


500 USC players to the NFL. That is enough NFL players to fill just shy of 10 NFL rosters.

I'd watch it


I would love it if ESPN did a 30for30 on the latest Trojan Dynasty. Original tweet.