Tips For Understanding a Football Game On TV

If you have decided to watch a football game on TV as a newbie, it can be very frustrating not to understand the different codes related to football. You may say that this sport is not for you, that it is too complex, but in reality, it is quite the opposite.

American football is a simple sport to understand. If you know the basics, you will enjoy the game. This article will explain tips that will allow you to better understand a football game on TV, especially if you're interested in its sports betting odds.

Count The Number Of Receivers

To recognize the receivers (the players who catch the ball), you have to look at the attacking team for the players positioned at the end of the field. If you see a concentration of players at the end of the field, you can expect a pass from the quarterback.

Watch out for fakes! But this technique will save you from looking for the ball, and you will be able to anticipate the game of the attack and, therefore, be more concentrated in the match.

Understand The ScoreBoard

Understanding how points work is not easy, but understanding the scoreboard of a match on television can be even more complicated. When you've never seen one, we can reassure you that it's completely normal not to understand it. So, here's how it breaks down:

American Football Scoreboard

● A/ Number of attempts and number of yards to go to achieve the 10 yards.

● B/ Logo, contraction of the name of the receiving team and its number of points.

● C/ Logo is a contraction of the team's name that moves and its number of points.

● D/ The yellow lines mean the team's number of timeouts can still take.

● E/ The quarter in which we find ourselves. In this example, we are in the first quarter.

● F/ The time remaining in the quarter. You should know that in football, time always decreases and that these are 15-minute quarters. When the ball goes out of bounds, time stops.

● G/ This is the time left on the attack to start the game. With each action, the attack has 40 seconds to throw the ball otherwise, they have a penalty. This time begins to be counted when an action has just been completed and never when it is in progress. It's like the game timer, but this time decreases to reach 0.

● H/ The match event played on either Monday or Thursday.

Look At The Position Of The Quarterback

The quarterback is the team's playmaker; he directs the game toward a run or a pass. When he is in the "Shotgun" position, he is 3 or 4 yards behind the offensive line, ready to receive the ball.

The fact that he is 3 or 4 yards behind the offensive line shows that the quarterback will attempt a pass. The "Shotgun" technique is used for a quick pass, so we can expect a small pass of 4 to 5 yards.

Visualize The Yellow Line

When you watch the NFL on TV, you will see a yellow line that is in defense and front of the attack. This virtual line is the 10-yard line. In American football, the offense has 4 attempts to achieve 10 yards.

This line allows the viewer to see where the area to cross is located to exceed 10 yards. You should know that if the attack has made a mistake, the whole team will retreat, and they will have to cross 15 yards instead of 10, for example.

The Aggressiveness Of Linebackers

When you watch an American football game, it is essential to watch the defense because they can tell you what they will do. Usually, you have 4 defensive linemen in front of the offensive linemen. At 4-5 yards behind the defensive line, 3 players (Linebacker).

When the Linebackers are no longer 4-5 yards from the defensive line but almost at the same level of the defensive line, expect the "Blitz" technique. That is to say that these players will also put pressure on the offensive line to create the excess to create breaches and try to tackle the quarterback.

The Orange Line For The Field Goal

Towards the end of the match, when it is the last action, and the attacking team needs 3 points to win the match, you will see an orange line. This virtual line is often located around 30 yards.

At this distance, a Kicker can easily score a Field goal and win his team. You should know that sometimes, with the pressure, despite this distance of 30 yards, the Kicker can miss the Field goal. Football is still a sport, and anything can happen!

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