USC Football Wraps Up First Spring Football Under Lincoln Riley

USC wrapped up its first spring football practice under new head coach Lincoln Riley and everyone wanted to see what the new Trojans coach would be up to. He brought in a lot of talent via the transfer portal, most notably quarterback Caleb Williams who followed Riley from Norman, Oklahoma, to Los Angeles.

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Their spring game brought some insights to what to expect and everyone, as expected, is saying that Williams is already living up to the hype as the next great Trojans quarterback.

Williams came out playing well early, he completed his first nine passes for 90 yards and had two touchdowns in the process. He was great in the pocket as he was able to read the defense and find his second and third players. Then he slowed down and completed just one more pass on his third drive and was only one of three in the second half.

The Trojans defense has been said to not be all that good but they made adjustments and Willams took a step back in the final half of the game. So, that defense might be a touch better than everyone has been thinking.

Williams has a natural feel for throwing the football and it is very hard to teach, if at all, but make no mistake: Riley’s teaching, specifically on offense, will help this prodigious package of skills.

Even though USC’s defense will probably give up at least 30 points in multiple games this upcoming season, the Trojans are in position to win most of those games because they’re offense looks that good and could put up 40 points, or better yet, will need to put up at least 40 points a game to have a great season.

Lincoln Riley’s Thoughts

The new head coach had a lot to figure out from the day he left Oklahoma for USC. The Trojans are in a huge media market and a brand name team, so the pressure was on to perform and Riley tokd his players that this spring football game played out how he though it would.

"Today was a perfect example of what we’ve been doing this spring," Riley said. "One side rises, the other side comes back. One side rises, the other side comes back."

Riley still has work to do from the transfer portal to shore up holes he very much likely saw during the spring game, and a lot of those will more than likely be on the defensive side of the ball.

Spring games get all the hype and everything is extremely positive from all sides so it is no surprise to hear Riley hyping up his team and the media gushing over Williams’ performance against a defense that most feel is not all that good.

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