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Trojan Tidbits, 5/10: Back to regularly scheduled programming

After a few-month hiatus, what’d I miss?

First things first, it feels great to be back. After 88 business days and what equated to just over four full months away, yours truly is back on the grind. Our son is completely healthy and our daughter is coping with being a big sister in all the ways you’d expect while also being a tremendous help. My wife has been amazing through this journey.

And if you’d guess it, we choose the timeframe of having a newborn to also buy and move into a new house during what can only be described as the craziest real-estate market in history. Yeah, so, four months off seems nice, but it was work and it was completely necessary.

As I slowly began to get back up to speed, I figured the best way to ease back in was to see what I’d missed over the past few months but noticeably what we’d missed on the site coverage over the past few days as well.

And if you would believe it, your USC Trojans have been incredibly busy. Here’s your daily rundown from the past week or so as I get back into the swing of things and just in case you missed anything as well!

It’s great to be back.

Your USC Trojans are now four-time national champs

More on the USC Beach Volleyball team being crowned champions

USC Baseball takes series finale against Oregon State despite late rally

USC tennis moving on to Round of 16 – both men’s and women’s teams

Former USC athlete Rai Benjamin, the third-fastest 400m hurdler in history, set a new top mark in the world this circuit, preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

That’s a ridiculous mark for a season’s first run. Way to go, Rai!