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How to watch: 2021 Selection Sunday show

It’s a five or a six seed for the Trojans.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Tulsa Photo by David Klutho/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The No. 24-ranked Trojans came up short on Friday night in the semi-finals of the Pac-12 tournament after a narrow loss to No. 23 Utah.

Now, they must play the waiting game for jut a bit longer.

As of right now, following the recent loss, the Trojans are expected to be either a five or a six seed. Whichever one they end up getting could make or break their early chances at making a postseason run in the tournament.

With the fifth seed, USC would play a No. 12, which usually is reserved for mid-major programs that played in or won their conference tournament. Those teams, while likely still talented, usually have less physically-gifted players and/or a lack of depth. That would make that matchup the preference of the two possible seeds.

If they were to land as a six, they’d probably get matched up with a competitive team from a Power 5 conference. So as far as what would be the most-convenient route from the jump for the Trojans, it would definitely be as a five seed.

This evening can’t come soon enough.

How to Watch the Selection Sunday show

When: Sunday, Mar. 14, 3 pm PT

How to Watch: CBS