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Baby No. 2 is here!

And that means, I’ll be gone for a bit

Pac 12 Championship - Oregon v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Some big news from the Mellor Family — my wife has officially gone into labor with our second child!

As exciting as that is, and as big of a planner as I am, the following has been written prior to that momentous occasion.

So, I’ll be gone for awhile.

2020 saw ups and downs for everyone, and that was no different for the Mellor Family. Despite any down moment (i.e. contracting and getting over COVID-19), we still decided to better our lives at every opportunity and that included adding to our family. We’ve gone through a difficult time like all other mothers who were pregnant during a global pandemic, but my tough-as-nails wife has persevered and we’re now on the home stretch of an eventful pregnancy.

Little Boy Mellor is joining the clan and we couldn’t be more excited to add a boy for our sweet, wonderful little 2-year-old daughter to play with (eventually).

But with that big change comes a big change to your every-day life. That every-day life that sees you here, and reading this story.

I’ll be gone for awhile. I’ll be taking the next eight weeks off to tend to my newborn, my wife and my 2-year-old. Thanks to Vox’s terrific parental leave program, I’ll be around, but not checking in as much as I do daily at the current moment. But don’t fret, you’ll get your big news and events from some new voices here and there. We’ll be sure to have everything that needs to be covered, be covered, until I return.

I’ll be coming back around March, or eight weeks from when I do take off, hopefully in perfect amount of time to cover the final stretch of the basketball seasons and ultimately the basketball postseason and March Madness.

I wanted to take the time to thank my readers and commentators, as well as those who just casually stop by. Everything I do here is for you guys and I’m extremely grateful to be able to take this time off and hope that you all understand.

There’s no telling when the pandemic is coming to an end and there’s no telling how trying that could be with a newborn, but we’ll get through it how we got into it: together.

Again, thank you all for understanding, thanks for coming bye and thanks for returning with me once I finally do come back. It means the world to me, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back on here as the dad of 2 when that does happen.

Until then, FIGHT ON!