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Help Noreen Tufele fight COVID-19

USC star defensive tackle Jay Tufele’s sister, Noreen, is fighting an ‘intense battle’ with COVID-19

The USC Trojans family needs your help.

Our very own Jay Tufele is asking for it. Asking for help for his sister, Noreen, who is currently battling the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Due to the intensity of the fight, she is currently in the intensive-care unit and Jay has stepped up to ask for help for his family.

My sister, Noreen “Nini” Tufele, is currently in ICU in an intense battle with COVID19. She’s an amazing mom, wife, and sister, and we know that her resilience and fighting spirit will pull her through this critical time. Any donation would be helpful and greatly appreciated. The funds will be used to cover medical expenses and provide for her family while she’s fighting for her life.

Tufele has set a goal on his page of $25,000 and has already reached over $15,000 towards that goal.

We’ll do our part, and we’ll continue to share the message, Jay.

Please, if you can, help out the Tufele family, help out Noreen.

Donate or share today.

Fight On, Noreen!