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What would a Korey Foreman commit do to USC’s Class of 2021

Well, put simply, it would make it good, real good, great even

I’m not saying that the entire fate of the USC Trojans Class of 2021 rides along the shoulders of Consensus No. 1 Recruit Korey Foreman. I’m not saying that at all.

However, what I am saying, is that the entire chance the Trojans pull ahead of the Oregon Ducks and into the nation’s best recruiting class does indeed rely on the shoulders, and signing hand of Foreman.

If Foreman were to verbally commit and ultimately sign on with the Trojans in December, his impact on the class of 2021 would be immense. While the class rank would ultimately rise, both in the conference and nationally, the promise from head coach Clay Helton to ‘take back the West’ would ultimately prove to be coming true.

That alone would be the most crucial part to Foreman’s commitment to USC.

Sure, he’s an all-time great high school football player. He’d absolutely wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks for the next three seasons. He’d absolutely bolt to the NFL in 2024, leaving USC records in his wake.

All of that would be incredibly impressive.

He would absolutely recruit other players for USC and Helton. He’d absolutely become a loud, vocal leader for the defense and subsequently encourage younger generations to commit to USC. He’d absolutely become an off-the-field leader as much as he’d become one on the field.

And yes, all of that would be incredibly impressive as well.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of dreaming that 247Sports’ 12th-best prospect in over 20 years of rating prospects commits to USC, is the fact that Helton’s promise would be coming true.

After losing out to local product Bryce Young, the fact that Helton would possibly be able to retain the state of California’s third-best product since 2000 would stake claim that Helton has indeed begun to take back the West.

Taking back the West, of course, means a lot more than retaining California recruits, but that’s an aspect that USC has struggled in recent years. Keeping top-notch players who already reside in California and other western states, in California and these western states is paramount to the Pac-12 and USC to stop being looked over. Is paramount to the Pac-12 ultimately getting a College Football Playoff Berth.

So, as nice as it would be to see Foreman donning a USC jersey and sacking every last Pac-12 quarterback in his path, the fact that Helton’s promise to take back the West would come true with Foreman’s decision means just that much more.

The fact that we’d get to see big ole No. 90 sacking some poor sap in UCLA blue, or Oregon green, or Washington purple, would be the perfect cherry on top.

C’mon Korey, we’re all hoping you decide to Fight On!!