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Trojan Tidbits, 8/11: Pac-12 cancellation news

We look around the country at what they’re saying about the possibility of a cancelled fall sports season

USC President Carol L. Folt introduces new USC athletic director Mike Bohn Photo by Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The 2020 collegiate fall athletics are in jeopardy. We all know it by now, but what we don’t know is who to believe, what to believe, or where to even look for news about the possibility of cancellations of the fall sports seasons.

There have been multiple reports for weeks now about the possibility of delaying the season amid the global coronavirus pandemic, and starting this past Monday, reports were that the Pac-12 and Big Ten were going to cancel their seasons altogether. Though the Big Ten seemed to have shifted off that stance after wild public uproar including student-athletes speaking their minds, we’re left with the Pac-12 chancellors and presidents meeting on Tuesday to decide the fate for the fall collegiate athletics calendar.

There’s supposedly a vote taking place on Tuesday that will be for or against cancelling or postponing the season. And honestly, that’s where the real work begins. It’s one thing to decide the fate of the fall athletic seasons, it’s another to start working on a plan of attack to figure out the next steps.

The NCAA has had months to figure out a plan to play fall athletics during the COVID-19 outbreak, yet we were left with conferences to attempt to make decisions with the NCAA’s interest and student-athlete interests in mind. Here we are, now in almost mid-August, with no real plan and speculation running wild.

Once the decision is made by the Pac-12, again this is where the work begins. If they cancel the season, do they just focus on playing the winter and spring seasons safely? Do they try to postpone the season and play it in spring? How do you organize fall, winter and spring athletics at the same time? What about eligibility restraints on athletes? And incoming freshman?

There are a lot of questions to be had with any decision and the real leadership needs to begin now, because truly, it should have began a long time ago.

So, in other news, here’s what is happening regarding all your USC Trojans athletics from across the country.

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