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Kedon Slovis on the Manning Award watch list

The preseason honors keep rolling in


At this rate, we don’t need a new post every time Kedon Slovis gets selected to another watch list, but here we are. USC Trojans QB Slovis was selected to the Manning Award preseason watch list, the award given annually to the nation’s top quarterback as voted on by the Super Bowl Committee.

It is at least the only award that factors in bowl game performances, though we likely won’t even get to that this season.

So, while we all know who Slovis is, and how good he is, and how many award watch lists he’s on, what we don’t know is how the criteria for all these awards are going to be affected.

What will conference-only schedules do for the awards this year? Will that affect players adversely? What about some schools that may play an 11- or 12-game schedule and others who may play just 10 games, and thus have less box-score stats?

There are a lot of factors that a differing schedule from all conferences could now go into the grading or selection process, and that’s something that certainly hasn’t been talked about enough.

Still, congratulations to Kedon, and I’m sure we’ll figure out the award voting criterion later. Just something to think about.