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USC women’s rowing sets Row-A-Thon to benefit Black Women for Wellness

Take part in, share with and donate to the cause

The USC Women’s Rowing team is set to do their part to help end systemic racism and help spurn change in the country. The Trojans are set to take part in a Row-A-Thon with all proceeds from the event going to benefit Black Women for Wellness.

Black Women for Wellness is a 22-year-old organization based in California. The goals of the organization are stated on their website as such:

  • Increase accessible, appropriate and affordable health services that positively impact the health outcomes for Black women and girls
  • Build the personal, communal and political power of Black women and girls within California by influencing public policy, organizing and outreah
  • Expand capacity of our leadership to direct resources and validate Black women’s and girls’ experience
  • Strengthen and build BWW’s internal infrastructure to optimally support its mission

For more on BWFW - visit their website:

The USC women’s rowing team will take part in their Row-A-Thon on July 1st and each of the participants will row 20 km to help fundraise the cause.

We as the USC Women’s Rowing team have been moved by the outpouring of passion and desire for change seen across the country from the Black Lives Matter movement. We have been listening, learning and having important conversations. We are now ready to take action. The Women of Troy will be hosting a Row-A-Thon. On July 1st, each athlete will be rowing 20 km to fundraise for a cause that has ignited our team’s desire to come together to help fight systemic racism. 100% of proceeds raised will be donated to Black Women for Wellness, which is an organization that “is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy”. Help us raise awareness and follow along with the hashtag #USCRowsForBLM. Thank you for joining along with us to enact change. Fight On!

Please share and, if you can, donate to the cause. Find all the necessary information here.

That’s the Trojan Spirit.

Fight On!