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USC severs ties with football booster after racist tweets

AD Mike Bohn was swift to react to the abhorrent social media posts

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 UCLA at USC Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Amid the current troubles and tribulations over the past week, the USC Trojans athletic department was quick to act following a string of disgusting tweets from now-former football booster Marla Brown.

Athletic Director Mike Bohn issued the following statement:

“Last night we were made aware of abhorrent and blatantly racist tweets from an individual who identified as a USC Football Booster. Following an immediate investigation into the matter, we informed the individual that their season ticket and Trojan Athletic Fund membership privileges have been revoked and their payments will be promptly returned. Their account has been flagged in our system to prevent future purchases.

Thank you to the USC community for helping us identify this individual so that we could move swiftly to terminate our relationship. We stand in solidarity with the Black community.”

The tweets came from a Twitter handle ‘@SoCalMAB’ which was reportedly owned by former LAPD Union attorney Marla Brown. They had circulated for a few hours before USC was alerted but the swift actions are a tremendous response to the matter. The disgusting tweets included but were not limited to exclaiming that the protestors who were out protesting the death of George Floyd should ‘be shot.’

The account’s profile identified Brown as a USC alumni, fan and football booster. Though the account was deleted shortly after the tweets were found, it didn’t stop the screenshots of the disgusting words.

Also of note in this story was the LAPD HQ account coming into the equation as well, stating that Brown was ‘not an LAPD employee’ nor associated with the department at all.

The terrible tweets went on as well from there for Brown, in a thread of screenshots by @TheStolenBeer.

The United States has been gripped with unrest following Floyd’s death with the majority of the country coming together in peaceful protests. Though some broke out with rioting and looting, Bohn’s swift action against the abhorrent tweets and Brown’s access to USC athletics comes as a great sign of solidarity with his student-athletes current, former and future.