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New USC Trojans NCAA Football 14 rosters released — defense

Video Game Week at SB Nation has given us a path to show off new roster for the 2020 season, and here’s the defense

We spoke about the fact that quarantine has given me and fellow degenerates of the NCAA Football 14 video game series new life, and that new life has spilled into completely updated 2020 football rosters for all teams ahead of the 2020 season.

Play along in the now-seven-year-old video game with us as we simulate through the 2020 season with brand new rosters.

Here’s how those USC Trojans rosters stacked up on defense:

Left Defensive End:

Right Defensive End:

Defensive Tackle:

Left Outside Linebacker:

Middle Linebacker:

Right Outside Linebacker:


Free Safety:

Strong Safety:



Here’s the defense now as well. How’d they do? What do we think?