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Join us as we play NCAA Football 14 with NEW USC rosters

It’s Video Game Week at SB Nation — so of course we’re playing NCAA Football 14 — won’t you join us?

Look — I ran an offseason’s worth of stories without prompting on video games. So when SB Nation debuted Video Game Week, you had to know that I was going to go a little over the top, right?

The answer is yes, and, as such, here we are.

Video Game Week is fun for all. It’s summer time, and in a normal year, the kids would finally be home from school looking for things to do. Now this year is different and the kids are bored with all those things to do. So why not spice it up a bit?

Why not play EA Sports famed video game franchise NCAA Football, specifically the NCAA Football 14 version with us but, with one caveat, brand new football rosters to match the 2020 USC Trojans football roster.

Degenerates like me, who have kept this now 7-year-old video game afloat during even pre-coronavirus times of video gaming have taken quarantine to a new level and crafted all 126 teams (yes, there’s 130 FBS teams, but that’s how old the game is) with their full, updated rosters ahead of the 2020 season. We can now run our very own simulations of the season ahead and make it as close to real as possible.

With all of this being said, won’t you join us for some fun. Anything that happens live on social media will be free to view — just head over to @CamMellor on Twitter and watch @CChroniclesSBN as well.

Be on the lookout as we debut those brand new rosters and show some of our findings of the first run of simulations through the 2020 season.