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USC adds two more to football support staff

And yes, this is big news

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Utah State at USC Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There once was an arms race to have the best facilities in the country. Every athlete was looking forward to their official visit to campus to check out the facilities.

You wanted the best weight room. The top of the class locker rooms. All the bells and whistles.

Well, those are still important and all, but they’re not everything anymore.

Now more than ever, it’s become increasingly important for college athletic programs to have a top-notch digital media staff. That includes everything from still photographers and videographers to talented graphic designers and social media whizzes.

Every major program has to keep up with the best of the best and it looks like USC understands it as well. The Trojans recently announced the addition to two to the football support staff, Jacob Brown and Will Stout.

Brown is joining as the Director of Football Video Production while Stout lands as the Assistant Director of Football Video Production.

It’s highly likely that these two will be integral in producing all sorts of content, not just video content like highlight reels.

Look at it this way — UCLA ‘won the recruiting battle’ for Miller Moss in April (yes, he hasn’t committed yet) because of an impressive bit of digital artwork with Moss dressed as ‘the king of LA’ in UCLA blue and gold.

Recruits from all sports are looking for ‘committed’ graphics as well as highlight videos. Your athletes are going to want to stay around and have their own highlight videos crafted by their own staff as opposed to finding someone on Twitter who can do such a thing.

Social media highlights and videos are growing in importance as many college programs are inching towards the follower counts in the millions.

It’s a big deal, trust me.

Thousands upon thousands of people make their living on social and digital media, and USC keeping up in the arms race with these two new hires is GOOD NEWS.

Fight On, Will & Jacob. Welcome to the family.