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USC tops UCLA in average attendance, filled stadium capacity percentage

The debate is over: LA = USC

NCAA Football: UCLA at Southern California Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The USC Trojans are no stranger to filling stadiums and playing in front of large crowds. The UCLA Bruins are.

And, according to College Football News, the Trojans not only rank second in the Pac-12 in average attendance over the past five seasons, they’re clearly filling their LA stadium more so than their crosstown rivals.

USC ranks second in the conference just slightly behind Washington over the past five years, as the Trojans have averaged 66261.4 fans per game and Washington averages 66527.2. Washington ranks 21st nationally while USC ranks 22nd nationally.

Both have a clear advantage over their conference rivals, to go a bit further, I also analyzed where their ‘filled stadium capacity percentage’ ranked among the Pac-12.

USC ranks seventh, seeing 85.5% of the LA Memorial Coliseum filled on average, compared to Washington’s 94.8%. Oregon leads the Pac-12 in that figure, filling Autzen Stadium over capacity at 102.79%, first in the conference and third-best in the nation.

As nice as it is to rank second in the conference, it’s nicer to see the comparison between UCLA and USC.

LA is clearly USC’s home and vice versa — and USC averages nearly 10,000 more fans per game and fills their stadium by nearly 15% more. The comparisons between UCLA and USC’s numbers are pretty stark:

Average 5-year attendance:
USC — 66261.4
UCLA — 57074.8

Filled Stadium Capacity %:
USC: 85.5%
UCLA: 70.8%

The Bruins filled stadium capacity ranks just 81st in the country and is the second-worst in the Pac-12 behind only Cal. It looks even lower considering only the Power-5 schools, ranking 59th among the 64 Power-5 schools.

In summation, LA is USC’s hometown now. It’s official.

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