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#ThrowbackThursday — your favorite retro USC jersey

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University Of Southern California Trojans Football

Maybe it’s a jersey color.

Maybe it’s a shirt-pants combination.

Maybe it’s a favorite number.

Maybe it’s your favorite player donning a specific jersey, period.

Sporting News Archive Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Everyone has a favorite jersey from the USC Trojans — from any sport. And for today’s Jersey Week at SBNation — we at ConquestChronicles are checking in with you, the diehards, to see which is your favorite jersey from the years.

Comment below with your favorite. Supply a picture. Hell, maybe even tell a story why that’s your favorite if it’s not obvious.

It doesn’t have to just be football, but it so happens that beautifully placed Rose Bowl patch on Reggie Bush’s white No. 5 with the gold pants is my favorite combination in recent memory. (Oh, and for the sake of the fact that USC still dons what feels like a retro jersey, I’m including the early 2000’s into the ‘retro’ bucket)

So, have at it. What’s your favorite “retro” jersey you’ve seen on campus?