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Multiple USC opponents cancel trips to California

Women’s tennis, men’s volleyball, and women’s lacrosse all lost a scheduled game this week.

FloTennis: Men’s All-American Championships Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Per Ryan Kartje of the LA Times, a handful of opposing team’s have canceled their trips out west to play the Trojans. This comes at the same time as the school declaring limitations around athletic practices and future events. Starting March 11th until March 29th, the university is only allowing “essential personnel” into athletic events, meaning games and matches will likely be played without fans, if they even happen at all.

As of right now, NC State’s women’s tennis team as cancelled their match this week, along with the men’s volleyball match-up on the 14th and the women’s lacrosse match against Stony Brook on the 15th.

The Pac-12 basketball tournament starts today in Las Vegas and as things stand, the only precautions they will be taking are closing the the locker rooms to media members. This will be extremely interesting to see if things continue to snowball into potential impacts to the NCAA tournament and March Madness, itself.