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USC Football Recruiting: Which signees can start in Week 1

In a class of studs, these are the players that can make an impact as freshmen.

NCAA Football: U.S. Army All-American Bowl
Bru McCoy
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

According to 247Sports, USC currently has the No. 15 ranked recruiting class in the nation and the No. 2 ranked class in the Pac-12. The group contains eleven three-star recruits, nine four-star recruits and one prized five-star recruit. Here are the players that can make an instant impact on the field next year for the USC Trojans:

1. Bru McCoy (Five-star, 8th ranked recruit)

Bru McCoy is the headliner of the 2019 recruiting class for the Trojans. McCoy is a recent addition to this class, having committed to USC January 5 at the Army All-American Game. There were some concerns that he was going to commit to the Texas Longhorns when he took a visit September 15, but that doubt was depleted when he put the pen to paper. One thing that wasn't in doubt throughout his recruiting process? His ability to play football. Standing 6-foot-2 inches and weighing 205 pounds, McCoy is as good of an athlete as there is coming out of high school. For the Mater Dei Monarchs, McCoy played both wide receiver and outside linebacker and excelled at both positions. He could help either the Trojan offense or defense by playing minutes on one or both sides of the ball. He’s that good of an athlete. His ability to get the quarterback as an outside linebacker can prove to be very vital for a struggling Trojan defense, who is losing its best linebacker from this past year, Cameron Smith, to graduation. Here is one of the plays showing how incredibly quick McCoy is at disrupting a defense and causing issues for the quarterback:

On the offensive side of the ball, McCoy could prove to be a reliable receiver for second year quarterback JT Daniels. McCoy’s big frame allows him to physically overwhelm opposing cornerbacks and stretch out to snatch any ball within his area. He also has a little bit of speed to himself. In a game this past year, McCoy caught a simple wide receiver screen that he took all the way for a 90-yard touchdown.

2. Kyle Ford (Four-star, 35th ranked recruit)

Kyle Ford is your prototypical strong-armed, physical wide receiver that NFL scouts crave for. USC was able to secure his services the same day that they secured McCoy’s, at the Army All-American Game. What Ford can provide to the Trojans next year is a wide receiver who can catch the deep ball but also attack cornerbacks and get you that crucial 15 yards on a post route. His ability to make sharp cuts, stop on the dime and go get the ball air is what makes him a valuable piece to this year’s recruiting class and next year’s football team. While it is true that the Trojans currently have a pretty loaded group of receivers, the one thing that is missing is a physical presence that can catch any ball throw at him in the end zone. Ford has a knack for catching fade routes for touchdowns, which is evident in the large amount that he caught while he was in high school at Orange Lutheran. Here is just a few plays to depict this:

3. Drake Jackson (Four-star, 128th ranked recruit)

Arguably USC’s best defense player in the 2019 class, Drake Jackson is a physical beast who gets to the quarterback with ease. At 6-foot-3 inches and 269 pounds, Jackson’s greatest advantage is the height and mass that he has over opposing offensive lineman trying to guard him. Jackson’s stock has only grow since he came on to the seen, with 247Sports naming him the Army All-American Game’s “biggest riser”. Here’s what they had to say about the star defensive end:

How can he help the Trojans in 2019-2020 football season? Well, he can fill the hole that Porter Gustin is leaving due to graduation. USC’s defense ranked only 60th in total defense this past year and only 43rd in total team sacks with an average of 2.42 per game. If USC wants to return to its glory days, they need to improve on the defensive side of the ball and most importantly, improve their defensive line. Jackson is a disrupter of the football. He can play right away as a freshman if he is able to make plays like these: