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Arbitrator Ends Sark-USC Drama

Embattled ex-coach Steve Sarkisian loses his wrongful termination suit against USC.

Buffalo Bills v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ex-Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian filed a wrongful termination suit against USC after he was fired in 2015. During his USC tenure, Sarkisian had issues with alcohol both on and off the gridiron. Because alcoholism is categorized as a disability, Sark sued USC as the school did not offer him the opportunity to seek treatment or rehab.

Since Sark and USC split, Clay Helton has brought USC a PAC-12 title and births to two major bowl games, as well as one of the greatest Rose Bowl victories of all time. Sarkisian’s found his place as the coordinator of an Atlanta Falcons offense that features Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, Mohamed Sanu, and Julio Jones.

It seems as though Sark and the USC program have both come out better after their divorce. Although Sark’s departure from USC was messy, his issues alcoholism seem to have dissipated, which can only be a good thing.