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Stanford vs USC Football preview with Mark Rogers TV

We are talking the Trojans vs the Cardinal with Mark Rogers TV

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV and Don King from Last Word on Sports to preview the upcoming game between the USC Trojans and the Stanford Cardinal.

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USC Trojans - Stanford Cardinal Preview / They Don't Like Each Other

From: “USC vs Stanford 2017 Game Preview

“This game will be an early test for the Trojans. With the game being at home and in the evening time where it’ll be cooler, all hands will be on deck for the Trojans. Stanford on the other hand will come into this game fresh off a bye and time to prepare for the Trojans. It will all come down to who can finish, USC has proven that they can finish and battle in games when needed. They’ll have to prove it again against a Cardinal team who loves to battle. If the Trojans want to win this game, then they’ll have to stay disciplined and limit mistakes. Not saying play a perfect game, but Stanford is a much more disciplined team.

One thing to keep in mind is that USC has a tendency to struggle in Pac-12 openers and Stanford has their number as of late. The Cardinal has won seven of their last nine games against USC and has won 4 of 5 games in the Coliseum. The last time Stanford met USC in Los Angeles, The Cardinal walked out with a 41-31 victory.”

USC Trojans - Stanford Cardinal Coach Speak

From: “Keys to a Trojan Victory over #14 Stanford Cardinal

“With Darnold not quite yet finding his groove, RoJo is going to have to set the tone early. The Stanford defense is one of the better defenses the Trojans will play this season, so Jones getting the ball early an often will make Darnold’s job easier.

Keeping the secondary honest and closer to line of scrimmage will be instrumental for Darnold to get easier looks and potentially less pressure. We also saw the offensive line get a boost from Jones as the big guys up front blocked hard for him and consistently showed that same tenacity late in the game on pass-blocking. For this offense to be the best it could be, Jones needs to keep on rolling.”

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