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(USC Trojans Football 2017) Fall Camp Preview with Mark Rogers TV

We are talking USC Trojans football on YouTube.

USC v Arizona Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV to discuss the latest developments for the USC Trojans at the start of fall camp 2017. Expectations are high for the Trojans this season and if they intend to meet their goals for the year, Fall camp is the time to put in the work to make it happen.

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USC Trojans - Fall Camp Opens

From: USC football 2017: Defense stands out at day #2 of Fall camp

“USC Wide Receivers are young, fearless, naturals:

Offensive Coordinator Tee Martin is excited about the wealth of talent he has at wide receiver. In the first two practices alone the young players on the wide receiver unit has shown “no fear” according to Helton and have clearly demonstrated that they have worked hard at learning the playbook. Helton also stated there were not many missed or blown assignments. Ultimately Helton hopes they could have two deep at the position with a great rotation, ultimately resembling a “basketball team on grass”.”