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Todd Marinovich Joins the Dan Patrick Show

The former USC star discusses his recent issues

Todd Marinovich

Former USC standout Todd Marinovich joined Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this month to discuss his past addictions and life now. Marinovich was destined for stardom as he was drafted 24th overall in the 1991 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders, however his career quickly ended because of drug problems. After rehabbing and recovering for years in his adult life, Marinovich was found guilty for drugs and public nudity on March 15 for an incident dating back to August. However, since his relapse Marinovich has turned a new leaf and now strides to help others. He has focused his attention towards motivating the youth and sharing his experience and mistakes. In the interview he discusses how his lies in the past humiliated him and how he has found gratification in telling the truth. He says, “Probably the biggest liberating feeling I’ve experienced as a human being is being honest,”. He now speaks in front of thousands of young students and athletes today and serves as a mentor for those struggling with addiction. During his two years as a starter at USC (1989-1990) Marinovich completed 415 of 674 passes (61.6%) for just over 5,000 yards with 37 total touchdowns. We wish him luck as he continues his battle to help himself and others.

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