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USC Woman’s Golf Coach Reveals She Has Cancer

Andrea Gaston, who has been at the reigns of the USC Woman’s Golf squad for over 20 years, told her team of the cancer after their most recent NCAA defeat

2015 East Lake Cup - Day 2 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Andrea Gaston, who has coached Woman’s Golf for the USC Trojans for over two decades and is an inductee in the WGCA Hall of Fame, recently revealed that she is battling uterine cancer.

Gaston, who was diagnosed in March and was scheduled to go through surgery on May 26, told the team the news after their most recent NCAA exit - she did so in order for there to be as little distraction as possible for her players, who had their sights aimed at a fourth NCAA title.

This news was met, obviously, with a lot of emotion from players and staff members alike. From Golfweek:

“It was one of the most emotional moments of my life,” said USC senior Victoria Morgan...“To know her diagnosis for as long as she did, and to tough it out by herself and remain the coach that we’ve always had,” said Morgan, “she was so brave to do that for us.”

She’s not only a member of the Trojan family but she is also just, by all accounts, an all-around stellar individual and it’s this “team-first” mentality that makes it easy to rally behind Coach Gaston.

Fight on, Coach!