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2017 USC quarterback preview (with Mark Rogers TV)

We are talking USC Trojans football on YouTube.

NCAA Football: Southern California Spring Game Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We spoke with Mark Rogers TVto discuss USC Trojans quarterbacks headed into the 2017 Campaign. For more great Pac-12 college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV’s new dedicated Pac-12 Channel on YouTube.Also check out ourNew Shirt available from our friends at Breaking T.

USC Trojans Quarterbacks Preview

From: “Sam Darnold’s Turnovers a Concern for USC?

“My overall thought on Darnold's turnovers is that its spring practice, this is the time when you throw the deep read every chance you get, to get that work in and build a rapport with the younger wide receivers, especially against a live defense. The younger guys need experience catching deep passes and in some occasions going up and fighting for a jump ball over a defender. It's best to get them those reps in spring and summer so come fall, they’ll be comfortable making those plays under the lights.

There is no doubt Sam Darnold will throw some interceptions in the regular season, the guy is the first true gunslinger USC has had at quarterback since Carson Palmer. He trusts his arm and is going to make throws that will have all of us holding our breath, but I don’t think turnovers in spring practice are a big deal, let's just cool the jets and see how Darnold does in the spring game, then later in fall camp. Besides, that confidence to make those throws is what makes him special, Coach Martin and Coach Helton know that.”