I bleed Cardinal and Gold

Like many fans, I was indoctrinated and brainwashed by my lineage. My grandfather graduated from SC in 1922, so growing up all I heard about in the world of sports and education was USC! I later found out that my uncle was an All-American swimmer at SC, and that many of my aunts and uncles also graduated from this fine institution. One of my earliest memories was gifted to me from my dad. He told me a story about my grandfather attending a SC - NotreDame game at the coliseum later in his life. During the game a young domer was simply cheering for his team with respect and dignity, when my old-school grandfather swatted him in the head with a program and told him to sit down. While I don't condone violence, that situation reminds me of the History and Lore of the USC football program. In a different day and age my grandfathers actions were warranted and respected but I would learn that the tradition and the rivalry are timeless... During one of my visits to NotreDame, for the biannual trip to the frozen tundra of South Bend Indiana, I was on the receiving end of my Grandfathers karma. I was somewhat inebriated sitting in a see of blue and gold cheering for the SC marching band (all by myself) during pre-game when an old lady-domer in the row just in front of me turned around with a stern look of discontent and told me "shut up, and sit down!.. I can't hear the band" to which I respectfully complied.

Fight On Ole SC!

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