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USC wins third annual Zero Waste Bowl

The Trojans are diverting plenty of waste from landfills

NCAA Football: Arkansas State at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 Conference in partnership with the Green Sports Alliance once again participated in the Zero Waste Bowl. The rules were simple, whichever university could divert the most waste from the landfill at a selected men’s or women’s home game during the Fall 2016 sports season would be the winner. The University of Southern California came out on top with a diversion rate of 94%. The USC Trojans also took home the most improved award from the judges as well.

USC Athletic Director Lynn Swann had this to say:

“We’re proud to be a part of a program such as the Zero Waste Initiative at the Coliseum. This is an opportunity for USC Athletics and our fans to lead the way in terms of taking ownership of our environmental impact on game days,” . . .

“Our university, fans and alumni should be proud of the success of this program.”

The USC victory came in large part because of a much larger zero-waste initiative at the L.A. Coliseum which includes not the just the Trojans, but also the Los Angeles Rams. With other 1.2 million guests at the Coliseum last season USC, the Rams and Coliseum management were able to divert over 400,000 pounds of waste which is enough to fill to fill nine semi trucks.

A representative of the Los Angeles Rams had this to say:

“A large part of making our communities a better place includes making as little an impact on the environment as possible,” [. . .] “We are pleased to work with USC, the Coliseum and our fans to make Rams games zero waste, which is good for all of Los Angeles now and into the future.”