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nO-ffensive Line: Week Four Recap Of USC Spring Practice with Sports By Scondi

Sports by Scondi has returned to give us his latest irreverent Trojans takes

Oregon v USC Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

One of the most irreverent USC blogs, Sports by Scondi, has returned to publishing now that the season is almost here. You should check out his week four recap of spring practice. A brief snippet is below:

“It’s nice to finally have a quarterback that can scramble and actually move around, instead of the legacy of cement-footed pocket passers, but Darnold will not be able to escape pressure on every play. I understand its April, but I have to restate how much the offensive line could be an issue for the Trojans throughout the season. It was an issue early last year, and that was one of the most experienced lines in the country.

At least we didn’t hire a new offensive line coach like we have for the past five years. No turnover there means no time and trouble for returning players to spend on adjusting to a new coaching style.

Football is a NEXT MAN UP sport and not many of the backups seem to be rising to the occasion. Need Austin Jackson to relay his way over to campus and trade that baton for some shoulder pads.

THEN AGAIN, maybe Darnold can escape pressure on every play. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve underestimated his talent.”

You can read the whole article here

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