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Robert Woods Is Coming (Coming), Back (Back), To Cali (Cali)

The Former Star Trojan Receiver Recently Inked a Huge Contract With the Los Angeles Rams

Colorado v USC

Hooray for stories about former Trojans that allow us to utilize Biggie Smalls lyrics!

Robert Woods, the former standout receiver at USC, recently signed a 5 year, $34 million deal ($15 million guaranteed) with the Los Angeles Rams.

Woods has spent the last four seasons as a member of the Buffalo Bills where he amassed 203 receptions, 2.451 yards and 12 receiving TDs.

This contract may seem like a lot for a player who did not put up super impressive numbers over the last few seasons. The contract, though, contains an opt-out clause for the Rams. An excerpt from gives us the lowdown

“So if Woods were to go out and not move the needle for the offense and continue to be an average NFL wide receiver, they can get out of it without any serious repercussions. They’ll incur $3 million of dead cap for the 2018 season, but nothing beyond that.”

More info on the signing can be found here.

Woods has the talent to succeed. The hope is that we see him put it all together and become an impact player in the NFL - especially now since he is back in Los Angeles.