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Conquest Chronicles Staff Predictions: #11 USC Trojans vs. #13 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

USC is once again on primetime as they take on a very talented Notre Dame squad

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Trojans travel to South Bend for their biggest game of the season against #13 Notre Dame. This long-standing rivalry will decide the course of USC’s season and few of us have some theories as to how that’ll play out.

Richard: USC finally rides Jones and Carr to victory

There’s no way around it—the Trojans need to run the football to win this and every game.

Doing so against Notre Dame will not be easy, especially with USC’s depelted offensive line. Early on, Sam Darnold will have his miscues as the playcalling will at-first be pass heavy.

As the game wears on, so will the Trojan running attack with Ronald Jones II getting over 20 carries and Stephen Carr running for two scores.

On the other end, the USC defense will be afforded the chance to stay fresh with the Trojan offensive securing the time of possession battle—forcing Notre Dame to throw the football. A lead will be the best way for the Trojans to utilize their pass rush to generate pressure, but that doesn’t mean Wimbush and Adams aren’t going to run wild.

It will be a close one, and the last time I made a homer USC pick, they blow out Cal. Jones runs for a season high as the Trojans win a tough in South Bend, 22-17.

Matthew: USC and Notre Dame will provide another classic

Without a doubt USC shown how much they want to win a ball game when they really play. The issue is that they tend to start off sluggish and they can’t afford to have many starts like that. This will be a game where the Trojans will have to play all 4 quarters and protect the ball. Last week they dug themselves in a pretty deep hole with the turnovers against Utah. This season Notre Dame is playing some good football and it’s being led by their running game and defense. USC haven’t won in South Bend since 2011, I don’t see the Trojans breaking that this time around. I believe the Trojans slow start will come to cost them.

USC- 24 Notre Dame- 34

Brendan: Trojans squeak out victory on the road

This game will be ugly but at the same time beautiful. Because any victory over Notre Dame is beautiful. I think you’re gonna see a very physical game tonight in a rocking atmosphere. The crowd will be crazy and Notre Dame will be ready, but so will SC.

Sam Darnold will struggle early on but Ronald Jones will be there to (literally) carry the load. Creative runs to get Jones space and quick throws to Deontay Burnett and Tyler Vaughns will give this offense rhythm. They must chew up clock to give this ailing Trojan defense rest. If not, it could be a long night. But I have faith they’ll come thru big time.

USC-23 Notre Dame-21