The football program from Westwood keeps finding new ways to embarrass themselves.

Can we all talk about our baby brothers?

Remember back in 2014, when they erroneously claimed that "they owned the city of Los Angeles," then managed to lay an egg against 'Furd 31-10 the following week? They had an opportunity to clinch the Pac-12 South with a win and a possible Rose or Fiesta Bowl berth. In typical Bruin fashion, they imploded because they didn't care about all that. Arizona, for crying out loud, went on to the Fiesta Bowl instead of them. The Baby Bears are so obsessed with beating SC that they don't care about winning the Pac-12, Rose Bowl, or a national championship.

If the Clowns can't win against average teams at the Rose Bowl in October and November, what makes them think they can win at their home in January against college football's elite teams?

The Baby Bears got embarrassed on their home turf, 36-14, last November. The Trojans held the ball for 45 minutes, compared to the Bruins' 15 minutes. The Bruins' offense was laughable the entire year, and they deserved every bit of their 4-8 record. Meanwhile, SC finished their season on a 9-game winning streak, including a win in one of the most exciting Rose Bowl games played in history.

Penn State is a remarkable program with a remarkable turnaround similar to ours. Both of us were left for dead from sanctions. Penn State started 2-2, including an underwhelming 42-39 loss to Pitt. Nobody thought Pitt was the team that ending up keeping the Lions from a national championship game. PSU was thoroughly embarrased at the Big House 49-10 to then #4 Michigan that their QB Wilton Speight said: "We called the same play eight times in a row."

We all know how SC got destroyed 52-6 to Bama, then continued with a thorough 27-10 whopping at the Farm and blew a late lead at Utah. I'll admit that I wanted Helton out at SC. And who can blame me? Helton had gone 1-5 since being stripped of his interim tag.

Today, SC now has the 2nd longest winning streak in the country at 9 games, behind Oklahoma's 10. Depending on the final AP poll, SC will finished either 3rd or 4th. SC had dethroned a Penn State team that will be a Top-5 program next year. They return all their starters.

Anyway, enough gloating about us. Why don't we start by gloating about our baby brothers from Westwood? There are two main points that showed how their program is a joke. And I want to share them with the Trojan family.

According to the GOAT Jim Mora, no spread offense has ever won a national title. Not even close to true. Clemson won the national title yesterday with a spread offense. Almost won 2 against the Alabama dynasty. The Buckeyes from the Ohio State University won a national title against Oregon against...that's right, another spread offense. Oklahoma and Penn State, both national championship material next year, are both spread offenses. Oklahoma and Texas won national championships with spread offenses. Urban Meyer used a spread offense with the Ohio State back in 2014, and twice with Florida in 2006 and 2008.

Not to mention, Jim Mora will never come close to winning a national title. Never. He's the Jeff Fisher of college football. I have never seen a head coach do so much with so little. But as long as his ass reigns in Westwood, it will be an easy win for Trojan Nation. Let the Bruin fanbase obsess with "3 in a row" over sanctioned SC. We'll worry about the Pac-12, Rose Bowls, and national championships. Didn't his team get destroyed 36-10 against a 4-8 Cal team? Yeah, that Cal team ran a spread offense, too. And had one of the worst defenses in the country. Cal allowed 31 to Hawaii, 49 to Oregon, 66 to U-Dub, 45 to 'Furd, 45 to SDSU, 56 to WSU, 47 to Oregon State, 41 to ASU, 45 to SC, 43 to Texas...and 10 to the Baby Bears. What a joke.

36-10, Cal beats the Clowns. U Clowns Lost Again.

Anyway, they are on to their 3rd OC in 3 years. Kennedy Polamalu lasted 1 year in Westwood and ran the worst running offenses in history and a garbage O line and a WR corps who dropped passes.

After the Clemson-Bama title game, take a look at what this account tweeted.

Yep. A team that hasn't won a fucking Rose Bowl since 1986. A team that hasn't been in a major bowl game since losing the Rose Bowl in 1999. A team that has only won 1 national title...back in 1954. They are all talk. Absolute clown fan base. Down right embarrassing.

SC finished 10-3 with a Rose Bowl victory over Big Ten champs Penn State, and most likely a Top-4 ranking. The Bruins are 4-8 for the 3rd time in the last 9 years (2008, 2010) and now have replaced their OC.

Tell me whose the real national championship contender. I'll say that it sure as fuck ain't the kids in baby blue and gold.


Which teams would make ur Top-10 in ur final AP poll? Here's mine.

  1. Clemson
  2. Bama
  3. SC
  4. Oklahoma
  5. PSU
  6. Florida State
  7. U-Dub
  8. tOSU
  9. Wisconsin
  10. UM

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