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USC vs. Utah State Game Predictions

USC looks to bounce back after losing to Alabama. Check out the Conquest Chronicles staff predictions.

NCAA Football: Alabama vs Southern California Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The debacle that was the Alabama game is behind us. As we look forward to tomorrow’s game against Utah State, our staff gives their predictions:

Julian Lopez- USC 48-17. The Trojans are angry after how poorly they played against Bama. I expect the USC offense to have no problem moving the ball and it will be nice to finally see the referees put up the TD signal for the Trojans.

Nick Dempsey - USC 34 - Utah State 21. This game will tell us quite a bit about USC. What lessons did the Trojans learn after getting blown out by Alabama? Will they use the loss to learn and improve? Or, will they implode? I expect USC to learn and improve. The Trojans should come out angry and focused. The offensive line should really come out fired up after getting wrecked by Alabama. Expect a solid, tough, running game from the Trojans especially as Utah State replaces most of their defensive front 7. Do not underestimate this Utah State team, however, they could surprise many.

Myles Pressey - USC 42 - Utah State 20. The defense will rebound this week and force 3 and outs, giving the offense more possessions. The offense will establish the run game with Justin Davis and Ronald Jones. Juju Smith-Schuster will rebound as well and have a big performance.

Steve Walter – USC 41, Utah State 24. The Aggies come into the Coliseum with a ton of confidence after winning big against Weber State - and after watching USC get hammered by Alabama. Utah State’s offense looked good last week and they may come out hot in the first half. The Trojans, however, will come out even hotter. As in, a hopping mad kind of hot. If the USC defense can figure out how to slow down running back Devante Mays, SC’s offense should take over the game before pouring it on in the second half.

Joseph Kavaloski-USC 38, Utah State 17. Playing a very talented team that is angry and eager to bounce back from a disappointing loss is never a good situation for a mid major team looking to stage a road upset. USC’s vanilla offensive game plan was never going to work against a talented team like Alabama, but Utah State’s inferior athletes are going to have serious problems stopping USC’s athletes. The Trojans’ defense should have no problem stopping Utah State and if the offense can move the ball SC should have absolutely no problems. USC made a habit of following up disappointing losses with big victories last season and tomorrow should be no different.