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Talking Utah State Football with Mountain West Connection

We spoke with Mountain West Connection to get the inside scoop on Utah State

Alabama v USC Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

With the USC Trojans looking to rebound in a major way after the opening week debacle we spoke with Grant from Mountain West Connection about Utah State. You can follow Grant on twitter and read more about the Aggies on Mountain West Connection.

1. What players should we keep an eye on in this game? Who is a star on this team that the outside world might not have heard of?

Well, Utah State's most popular player is Kent Myers. He's our dual-threat Quarterback and he's been nominated for this year's Manning Award and this year's Earl Campbell Award. While Myers is a great player, I'd keep an eye on running back Devante Mays. Last week against Weber State he rushed for 208 yards and 3 touchdowns on only 18 carries.

2. How strong is Utah State's defensive front 7? Do you expect them to get penetration against USC?

Utah State normally has a fantastic front 7, but this year our front 7 probably won't be the star of our defense. This year we only have 1 returning starter on our front 7 (2 if you include Travis Seefeldt, a veteran nose guard who missed last season after being in a serious car accident). Don't get me wrong our front 7 is still good, we have a lot of talent, and I expect us to get penetration, I just don't think we will be able to harass Max Browne all game long.

3. If Utah state is going to be able to pull off the upset what will they need to do?

To win our defense has to come up with big plays early. It's USC's first home game so the crowd is going to be as loud as ever, and USC really wants to win after that devastating loss against Alabama. Utah State has to come out of the gates firing, get an early turnover and put 14 points up on the board quick to shut down the crowd and deflate USC. If Utah State can get some early momentum they'll roll with it.

4. Other than a win what are you hoping to see from your team on Saturday?

I really just hope that we can keep it close, last year we lost by at least 10 against 2 Pac-12 teams early in what turned out to be a disappointing season. If we can keep it a one score game I'll be more than satisfied.

5. What is your game prediction?

Obviously, I really want us to come out and blow USC out of the water, but that's really unlikely. I think USC will jump out to an early lead and hold it for the majority of the game. I think Utah State will come within a score in the 2nd half and scare USC, but I don't expect an upset. I'm predicting a 24-17 USC win.

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