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Joel Klatt Claims Chip Kelly was interested in the USC Head coaching job but Pat Haden did not offer

Joel Klatt went on Colin Cowherd to discuss USC

USC Introduces New Basketball Coach Andy Enfield Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Joel Klatt is an analyst for Fox Sports 1. Klatt was on the Colin Cowherd program today discussing the USC Trojans when he stated that Chip Kelly wanted to be the coach of the USC Trojans, or at least was interested. Klatt said he was told from several sources within the program and that he vetted some of the claims and he feels confident that Chip Kelly would have probably taken the USC job had that been an option.

When host Colin Cowherd asked why it was not an option Klatt answered that Pat Haden’s insecurities would not allow him to risk being told no. the transcript and video are below:

Klatt: . . . “and I think Chip Kelly wanted the job”

Cowherd: “say that again”

Klatt: “I think Chip Kelly wanted to be the USC coach”

Cowherd: “How do you know that?”

Klatt: “I’ve heard that from a couple of different people that are around the program and vetted that out a little bit”

Cowherd: “So why didn’t they hire him?”

Klatt: “Cause Pat Haden didn’t want to be told no. Again, I’ve said this before, I think Pat Haden was incredibly insecure as an athletic director. He wanted everyone to tell him how good he was. He wanted everyone to tell him how much they wanted to work at his place. He didn’t want to go out there and have to convince somebody at the risk of them telling him no. And I think he thought Chip Kelly was too much of a risk because it might turn up egg on his face if Chip Kelly decided to politely decline like Chris Petersen did from Washington. I think Chip Kelly wanted the job, he would have taken the job and it was given to Clay Helton kind of at midnight.”

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