Safe hire = safe results.

Clay Helton, AKA Lane Kiffin 3.0, is 1-4 since being named permanent head coach...among these:

2015 vs. Stanford (Pac-12 Title Game), L 22-41; vs. Wisconsin (Holiday Bowl), L 21-23

2016 vs. Alabama, L 6-52; at Stanford, L 10-27

Bama and Stanford made SC look like a high school team. Losing should be enough for fans to be calling Clay Helton's heads, looking lost while losing is at another level of bad.

SC has no identiy on offense. I don't see a plan if they're trying to be a spread or a run first kind of team. SC football is boring and plain, and they laid down and fed themselves to the dogs against Bama and Stanford. The staff is disorganized and they don't have a team to stop the other teams' offense. Bama ran all over them, and so did Christian McCaffrey. Stanford and Bama were heavy favorites against SC, and this is not acceptable. SC has enough talent to match Bama and Stanford, and they got destroyed like a high school team. They were thoroughly outclassed, and they serve as measuring sticks on how far SC has really fallen the last 8 years.

When SC lost in the Pete Carroll days, I lost sleep. To be honest, they did lose a lot of bullshit games (Oregon State 2x, Stanford, the Baby Bears). Now when they lose I feel disconnected, like I am not supposed to care anymore because it seemed the guys at the top don't. I don't feel bothered. At this point, cheering for Stanford, UM, tOSU on the side are more worthwhile bc they seem to care. SC doesn't. They produce the same results and expect people to be outraged. I wouldn't say I am outraged at SC, I am only right (I told ya so). When they hired Clay Helton, I predicted safe/bland results, which is what I am seeing today. The Trojan fan isn't really heartbroken when they lose like they did under Pete Carroll. They are uninspired and bored of bland results and a bland brand of mediocre SC football. They lower expectations and realize, wait...this ain't SC football.

SC made another safe hire, going with a Pete Carroll assistant because he "understands the Trojan family," and is making the same mistakes over and over again. How long is Clay Helton gonna lost? Probably until the end of this year or next. Pat Haden, the old AD, was known for keeping it within the Trojan family and hiring all these Lane Kiffins and the Steve Sarkisians of the world.

AD needs to start dialing up North Dakota State and ask for Chris Klieman right now...take out your wallet, carte blanche. I don't care if SC has to spend $5-6M a year to bring a top tier head coach (Klieman, Tom Herman). SC has had 1 decent season (2011) in the last 7 years because they make safe hires. Doing something over and over again and expecting different results is simply insanity. The last time SC won a conf. title, it was still called the Pac-10, and Utah was busy running the tables on the Mountain West.

Fucking unacceptable and ridiculous and embarrassing.

AD needs to spend whatever amount of money needed to get the very best coaching staff because right now they are wasting 5 star talent in the recruiting hotbed of southern California. Look at what Bama spends on Saban, tOSU spends on Urban Meyer, UM spends on Jim Harbaugh...and look at their results. Bama has won 4 out of the last 7 titles, 10+ wins every year for the last 8 years. Urban Meyer is 53-4 at tOSU. UM is ranked #4, highest in the last 10 years.

Helton is making 4M a year at SC. His team just got embarrassed to Bama and 2x to Stanford.

Tom Herman got a raise only this year to 3M at UH, and his team beat Florida State in the Peach Bowl and Oklahoma.

Chris Klieman barely makes 250K a year. Look at his team at NDSU. They can beat all FBS teams except about 10 of them (i.e., Bama, Stanford, tOSU, Michigan, Oklahoma, Clemson, MSU, Ole Miss).

Is SC always gonna get what they want? No, of course not. SC has been marred with dysfunction the past 8 years. Chris Petersen left Boise State for U Dub over SC because SC was dysfunctional and ended up going with Sark. What I am saying is that SC needs to step outside the Trojan family, pick a good coach outside the box and start looking now because what SC is boring and stale, and it shows on the field. The team is talented and undisciplined, impatient. SC needs to try something different because what they are doing is simply not working. Chris Klieman, Tom Herman, Jeremy Pruitt, Scott Frost...these names may not be available but they are all better than Helton. SC may need a splash hire...and they need to come up with new ideas. Because right now, they can't even come up with new ideas on the offensive side of the ball. Michigan, Georgia, tOSU, Bama, and U-Dub all made splash hirings, and look at where they are now.

If North Dakota State has a better coach than powerhouse SC, then there is a big problem. Klieman has his players motivated and hungry and passionate, and look at what they've done under him. NDSU completely bossed around Iowa in front of their own fans. Of course, we can all point to Craig Bohl, who is now at Wyoming...honestly, I think SC should have hired Craig Bohl when he was available back in 2014 before they hired Sark.

Here, AD. Let me give ya guys a head start with that...

Dear Mr. Klieman, we want to formally offer you a 6 year/36 M contract to coach here at SC. We have the recruiting hotbed of southern California 5 star HS players here at SC. You have the MAC/Iowa State/Purdue rejects at NDSU. Instead of snowy Fargo, we have 70 degree sunny California winters where people are still wearing flip flops, shorts, and going to the beach in January. Yeah, our drought and earthquakes suck, but that's not the point.

We understand we made terrible mistakes in the past about hiring Lane Kiffin 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 but here we can build a new era. We need to make Trojan football...Trojan football again. We want to be a stable program again, and we demonstrate that we are serious about achieving that goal by hiring u, and thinking outside the box. We understand that we are a coaching carousel the last 8 years, but with u at our helm we're not going to be one anymore. We are in awe of what u did at NDSU, so if u can win there, see how much we can accomplish here in sunny southern California.

I could go on writing more letters to other head coaches here on this board, but I made my point clear. Hire a real coach, not a pity safe hire bc they go way back to the Pete Carroll glory days. SC needs to turn the page and not cling to the past. Hire somebody outside the Trojan family. I don't care how much money SC needs to pay for a head coach, get the very best. SC needs to be great again. SC needs to make a hire that makes the Trojan fan base excited again, not expecting more and more of the same because Trojan fans are starved for success...and the players deserve better.

Who would you guys prefer to be the long term solution of Trojan football?

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