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Clay Helton and Stevie Tu'ikolovatu joined Trojans Live to talk USC Football

USC feels a sense of urgency heading into Utah

NCAA Football: Alabama vs Southern California Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Helton on Stanford:

Helton believes that the USC offensive line played their best game of the season against Stanford. Stanford’s ability to shorten the game by reducing possessions amplified the mistakes the line made. There were only a handful of possessions in the first half for the Trojans but the penalties put the Trojans in 3rd and long situations that the offense was unable to convert. With all of the miscues Helton said USC beat themselves. This still leaves Helton’s decision to punt late in the game even more curious. The Utah defensive front is a great one and can really bring the pressure. The USC offensive line will likely have to play their best game of the season once again on Friday night.

Helton on the QB Switch from Browne to Darnold

Helton once again reiterated that Max Browne was not the reason USC is 1-2 but with Browne as QB the offense simply was not getting the ball into the end zone. Helton needed a spark on offense and hopes Sam Darnold can provide that spark. Helton also plans to evaluate bringing in Adoree’ Jackson more on offense to also create a spark on offense.

On getting Juju Smith-Schuster the ball

Helton has said that there are plenty of plays dialed up to get Juju the ball but that they have to do a better job “hooking up.” Perhaps part of the reasoning behind bringing Darnold in as the starter in order to do a better job hooking up.

Helton on Utah:

Helton expects a rowdy crowd in Utah on a Friday night, he also expects rain. Practices have featured crowd noise over the speakers and wet ball drills for specialists and skill position players.

On the mindset of the team:

Helton said the players are frustrated but when this group gets frustrated they play extremely well. Monday was the best practice of the season according to Helton and he seemed quite confident in his team’s ability to respond. Helton says the team is extremely focused, ready to play, and have a sense of urgency.

Trojans Live 9/19/16 - Clay Helton

Trojans Live 9/19/16 - Stevie Tu'ikolovatu

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