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The season is not over..... yet

NCAA Football: Southern California at Stanford Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As I am writing this piece, Sam Darnold has just been announced as USC’s starting quarterback and will face Utah on Friday in his first career start.

USC is 1-2 on the season, their first 1-2 start since Pete Carroll’s first season with the team (2001 season, team finished 6-6).

Those two losses came against two of the top programs in the nation, the defending national champions and a team with the best college player in the country.

So, listen to me when I say this USC fans: The season is not over...yet

If USC can go into hostile territory and defeat Utah on Friday, they will finish this gauntlet of a month with a 2-2 record (1-1 in conference play.)

The Trojans will then have a very favorable October with three of their four games at home with their only road game being against the Colorado Buffaloes, a team they are 10-0 all-time against. Aside from the surprise Arizona State Sun Devils, USC should be favorites/win all of the games in the month of October. So, let’s say they go 4-0 in the month of October and let’s add a win to Utah to the equation and you have a 6-2 record, 5-1 in conference.

USC needs to get their act together and maybe Sam Darnold is the right guy to lead this team. When was the last time USC had a mobile quarterback?

Clay Helton is flirting with hot water right now and respectively so as both of USC’s losses this year have been ugly. But before we start looking forward to the end of the season, let’s take a chill pill and remember that this season isn't over just yet.