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USC Trojans Live with Cameron Smith and Clay Helton

The Trojans are preparing for a huge matchup with Stanford

Utah v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Elite USC linebacker Cam Smith spoke to USC Trojans Live about the Trojans’ defense and their big upcoming matchup with Stanford and Christian McCaffrey. Smith spoke about the amazing abilities McCaffrey has in the open field and the importance of sound tackling and not letting him get into the open field. So much of McCaffrey’s early success came from offensive plays that put the ball in his hands in open space which allowed him to break off huge plays. Cam Smith and the USC defense against Christian McCaffrey and the Stanford offense will be a huge matchup this Saturday night but Smith is confident in his team’s abilities.

Head coach Clay Helton spoke with Jordan Moore and John Jackson and told them that he spent practice preparing for the speed of the game that they will likely see against Stanford. Helton also wants the offense to create more one on one opportunities for deep balls as well as better execution on deep balls. Helton also stated that he thought his team got caught up in the pageantry of the first game of the season against the number one team in the nation in Jerry World but were able to settle down and focus when they returned to the Coliseum for Utah State.

Helton had many glowing words to say about USC Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast. Specifically he pointed Pendergast’s ability to diagnose an opposing offense’s greatest strength and then design a game plan that takes away that greatest strength.

Helton addresses so much more in his interview and you can watch both interviews below:

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