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USC Trojans AD Lynn Swann tells Colin Cowherd about his discussion with the owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Lynn Swann stressed patience and consistency.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Legend, Super Bowl MVP, and USC Trojans Athletic Director Lynn Swann joined Colin Cowherd in the studio earlier this week. Cowherd specifically asked Swann what he plans to do when the boosters start calling for Clay Helton’s head. Swann responded by emphasizing that he worked in politics (having run unsuccessfully for governor of PA) and that he knows not everyone is going to like him much less agree with him. Swann also emphasized that we have to have patience with Clay Helton and the rather young student-athletes.

While it seems weird talking about patience before the season even starts, Swann recalled talking with the Rooney family, owners of one of the most successful NFL franchises ever: The Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the Rooney’s who laid out their philosophy for hiring or firing coaches to Lynn Swann.

This is what Swann had to say about the meeting with the Rooneys:

What we’ve (the Rooney’s) tried to do is be consistent . . . they hired people who believed every day in what they wanted to do and accomplish. Because, the players college and pro, can tell right away when a coach is just kind of doing it and doesn’t believe it.

So, you’ve got to hire someone who truly believes in what it is they are trying to accomplish. What kind of offense do you want to run? What kind of defense would you like to implement? How do you want to handle players? What is your attitude towards players? How do you motivate them? and how do you lead them? How do you teach them? That kind of consistency.

I took away from that this one thing: We’ve got a coach at USC whose got the ability and he’s got an opportunity in front of him. I’m going to give him everything I can to support him and give him an opportunity to grow that team.

[. . .] You need three years to compete with the Alabama’s with the world and build a team and to recruit.

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