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USC Trojans Football 2016: Keeping Alabama off the field on 3rd down

Head coach Clay Helton focused Wednesday’s practice on how to get the Alabama offense off the field on 3rd down.

NCAA Football: Alabama Spring Game Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After Wednesday’s practice USC Trojans football coach Clay Helton spoke to the media about the importance of third downs and not making mistakes. Helton stated that after watching the playoff and national championship games last season it was abundantly clear that the Alabama offense was a finely tuned machine. Helton said it is going to be very important to get that offense off of the field on third downs.

The implication being that if the Trojans defense cannot get the Alabama offense off the field the Crimson Tide will slowly grind the Trojans defense down over the course of the game. Conversely it is just as important for the USC offense to convert on third downs and continue to move the ball not only helping the Trojans score more points but it keeps the Alabama offense on the sidelines for longer.

Coach Clay Helton also emphasized working on turnovers in Wednesday’s practice. Helton was quick to point out that early games tend to be a little sloppy and the team that makes fewer mistakes has a greater likelihood to win particularly at the beginning of the season. He wanted the Trojans to focus on not beating themselves with unforced errors.

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