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USC Trojans Football 2016: Helton to solidfy his quarterback decision

You can check out the full presser from Thursday after practice right here

NCAA Football: Southern California Spring Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Trojans took the pads off for practice on Thursday ahead of Friday night’s planned scrimmage which according to Helton will “solidify” his decision on the quarterback. Helton reiterated that he was meticulously watching every snap on film from both quarterbacks. It would seem from his choice of words that Helton is leaning towards either Max Browne or Sam Darnold right now and he is using Friday’s scrimmage to reassure him of his inclination.

The final question of the presser, however, directly asked Helton if he was leaning toward one player based on his choice of the word “solidify” Helton replied:

“No, I know both attributes of each kid right now, and I look forward to that type of atmosphere when they know its their last time out there how they perform. That’s one of those things you get to see this is the body of work they’ve put together through a spring, through 18 practices of Fall camp. Let’s see them in that last situation and see how they perform. So, it is important. It is very important to myself. I thank goodness that we took the time to be able to go through the Spring and not just name it there but also go through a training camp so we can make the best decision for our football team.”

It seems that Helton is not interested in discussing rotating quarterbacks during the season. He was asked if the backup would get any reps and he replied that everyone has to prepare and be ready to go. He then specifically cited having to use the fourth string center last season.

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