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USC Football Prices for 2016

National University Holiday Bowl - USC v Wisconsin Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

College football season is upon us and ticket prices are climbing as we get closer to the start of the 2016 season. A secondary ticket marketplace, Vivid Seats, has up-to-date prices on the latest and most sought after tickets for the 2016 football season.

The marketplace includes team median price breakdowns, each team’s most in-demand upcoming matchups, and impact on opponent ticket prices.

When it comes to the top college football teams by median ticket price (regular season only) USC comes in ranked at #16. The overall median ticket price for 2016 home games for the Trojans is $113. The Trojans most in-demand upcoming matchup vs. Notre Dame (11/26) costs around $97 to get in, and the median price is set at $225 for that game.

Following that, USC @ UCLA (11/19) is one of the biggest college football rivalries and often times the most sought after tickets. Those prices consist of $93 being the range to get into the game, and about $259 for the median price for the most in-demnand matchups (regular season only).

While on the road, the Trojans impact ticket prices with $131 for a median price range vs. UCLA.

Road draws percentages impact on opponent median ticket prices, is the precent increase on the price for each team’s respective opponents, USC ranks #14 (+57%)

The game we’re all waiting for.

USC vs. Alabama in the Cowboy’s Classic (9/2) cost around $120 to get in, median prices are $259.

Keep in consideration that prices are as of Aug. 11 and are subject to change. For additional prices and information visit